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Archangel Raphael

The Angel of Love from the
Angel Insight Pack by Chrissie Astell. Painting by Rene Milot.
Courtesy DBP copyright 2008.

The Archangel of Love and Self-Esteem.

Day of the week: Tuesday
Colour: pink
Archangel of the 3rd Ray of Adoration,
Feminine Counterpart: Charity
Ashram (centre of heightened energy): St Louis, Missouri
Crystal: Rose quartz
Key words: Love, Tolerance and Gratitude

The name 'Chamuel' translated means ‘He who sees God‘. The nameis (pronounced 'Kam-u-el' is sometimes associated with the angel Haniel.

According to channelings, and information of the Theosophists regarding the Seven Rays, Chamuel works on the third ray in cooperation with the Chohan (Ascended Master), Paul the Venetian and the Elohim (Divine Light Beings – Aspects of God) of Orion.

Just like Gabriel, Chamuel is one of the angels of Gethsemane, and is said to have been one of Jesus’ administering angels at the resurrection. Practically Chamuel holds and represents the qualities of the Christ including love, tolerance and gratitude.

Working with this archangel teaches us compassion and in personal terms can be of great assistance in helping us to let go of low self esteem, then to learn to accept and love one’s self fully and thereby enabling us to love others completely, unconditionally and without judgement.

He helps us to find love, compassion, creativity and beauty in our surrounding environment as well as recognise these qualities in others.

Working with Chamuel also helps us to overcome selfishness, human sympathy (meaning becoming overly sympathetic in a smothering way), excessive sensuality, and negligence in human relationships. Chamuel will truly help bring real Love into your life.

If you like crystals then rose quartz is the crystal to have around you to enhance the effect of working with this loving energy. Do not be mistaken. Talk of love and enhancing feelings of loving energy is not a weakness. By increasing your tolerance you are not adopting a sickly sweetness. The angels are warriors of the light; there is nothing weak about them! Real love is strong and supportive, it means loving without the need to control others, allowing them to be free, it is nurturing without smothering, it is being true to your soul.

If you ask for Archangel Chamuel’s assistance to enable you to experience self-love and dissolve the feelings of low self esteem, he will also help you to find true love in personal relationships. This is automatically attracted into your life once you begin to practice tolerance and gratitude into your everyday living.

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