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Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael from the
Angel Insight Pack by Chrissie Astell. Painting by Rene Milot.
Courtesy DBP copyright 2008.

The Archangel of Protection.

Day of the week: Sunday
Colour: Blue
Archangel of the 1st Ray of protection
Feminine Counterpart: Faith
Ashram (centre of heightened energy): Banff (Canada)
Crystal: Sapphire, Lapis lazuli
Key words: Truth, protection, power, mercy, will, faith

Michael, the Archangel of Protection, whose name means: “who is as God”, is the best known of all the archangels and his principle quality is that of Spiritual Warrior. Michael is one of the seven great Archangels of God, surrounding the Throne of God. Said to be the over-lighting angelic presence of Banff in Canada, he represents Sunday as the day of the week: and is known to hold the energy of the colour blue.

There are many contemporary examples of people who have been ‘saved’ by an angel and sensed or seen the colour blue around them at the time.

Michael is the most commonly known of all the archangels, and is held in high esteem in Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions. His interactions are listed throughout the Bible and it is believed that this important emissary of God, also known as the Archangel of the Sun, is working closely to the earth at present time during this strong transitional phase. All those who are interested in working with the angelic forces and the ‘Warrior-angel” energies in particular, are awakening to the prompting of Michael.

Many people have begun to invoke Michael for protection, not only of travelling, and of the body, but also the protection from the psychic attack of malevolent others.

The principal quality of the ‘Michael’ energy is that of the Holy warrior and represents the best aspects of leadership. Michael is always depicted in art wearing the armour of the Divine, and very often a red robe or red lining to his cloak signifying his role as a Seraph. He carries the great silver sword of righteousness. Famously Michael is shown slaying the dragon, and it is this principle that we can apply to slaying our own inner ‘demons’.

In Jewish legend he stands besides Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel with God.

In Christian lore Michael is the ‘greatest’ of the archangels. He is shown in art holding the scales, and believed in post Biblical tradition to be the rescuer from Limbo, he is the angel who at the Last Judgement will weigh and balance good deeds against the bad.

In the Bible it is only Michael who is seen as head of an angelic army; the great protector and warrior, often depicted in the classic arts in full armour, yielding an unsheathed sword and the scales of justice. He argues with the devil (Jude1:9) and during the war in heaven against Satan is slayer of the Dragon (Rev 12:7). (Later this story is attributed to Saint George).


Michael seems to have great importance in the Angelology of the recently transcribed Dead Sea Scrolls. In one document entitled the ‘War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness’ (1QM, and others), Michael is called the ‘Prince of Light’ and leads the battle against the angels of darkness.

Also amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls are the fragments of a book entitled Words of the Archangel Michael, in which Michael reveals a vision to Gabriel. Unfortunately, these fragments are too scattered to make a complete document, and very little sense can be made from it.

Practically you can ask Archangel Michael to give you physical protection when you are travelling, simply by asking ‘Archangel Michael protect me’, and imagine a blue light of protection surrounding you, your companions and your vehicle. Michael also can be called upon for emotional and psychic protection as well as physical. This is especially helpful in stressful times of confrontation.

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