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Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael from the
Angel Insight Pack by Chrissie Astell. Painting by Rene Milot.
Courtesy DBP copyright 2008.

The Archangel of Consecration and Healing.

Day of the week: Thursday
Colour: Green
Archangel of the 5th Ray of consecration
Feminine Counterpart: Mother Mary
Ashram (centre of heightened energy): Fatima in Portugal
Crystal: Emerald, peridot, fuschite, jade
Key words: Scientific discovery, medicine, travel, healing, consecration

Raphael, whose name means: “God has healed”, is one the best known of the archangels and his principle quality is that of Healer.

The shining one who heals, Rapha in Hebrew means healer or doctor.

One of ‘the Big Four’ Archangels, portrayed in stained glass throughout the world along with Michael, Gabriel and Uriel, Raphael energy is linked to the heart chakra and is said to over-light Fatima in Portugal, a centre of pilgrimage and miracles.

Jewish legend holds that it was Raphael who gave Noah the book of medical cures called the Sefer Raziel (although again, we have to be careful as this is arguably could be another angel called Raziel.)

In The Book of Tobit (part of the apocrypha in the Protestant Bible, canonical in Catholic) Raphael is the guide and companion of Tobit’s son Tobias and at the end of the journey reveals himself as ‘one of the seven holy angels’ that attend the throne of God.

In Enoch (1:40) he is ‘one of the four presences, set over all diseases and all the wounds of the children of men.’ Among his many high offices Raphael belongs to at least four of the celestial orders of seraphim, cherubim, dominions and powers and is ruling prince of the second heaven.

In Conybeare’s The Testament of Solomon legend has it that when Solomon prayed to God for help in building the Temple, Raphael brought the Hebrew King a magic ring. The ring was engraved with the pent alpha (five pointed star) and had the power to control demons. In this way Solomon was able to complete the building of the Temple using the ‘slave-labour’ of the subdued demons.

In the Dead Sea Scrolls book War of the Sons of Light with the Sons of Darkness, the Sons of Light go into battle with the names of several angels, including Raphael, on their shields.

Raphael is an Archangel of science and knowledge, according to the Theosophist Alice Bailey and her channelled teachings of the Ancient Wisdoms, Raphael works with the Chohan (or Ascended Master) Hilarion on the fifth Ray of Scientific development, concentration, truth, consecration and healing. Angel of the west, sometimes known as one of the Angels of the Sun, practically Raphael is the angel to call on to assist with issues of wholeness, healing, vision, truth and abundance.

You can also ask Raphael to assist with overcoming disease, degeneration, superstition, error, lack/insufficiency, and for healing of deeper wounds such as those caused within human relationships, resulting in deep emotional pain.

Call on Raphael to use you as a channel for God’s healing energy… You can do this on a personal or planetary level. Pray daily for the healing of the planet and for other people as well as healing for the self.

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