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Archangel Gabriel

The Angel of Presence from the
Angel Insight Pack by Chrissie Astell. Painting by Rene Milot.
Courtesy DBP copyright 2008.

The Archangel of The Violet Flame.

Day of the week: Saturday

Colour: violet - purple

Archangel of the 7th Ray

Feminine Counterpart: Holy Amethyst

Ashram (centre of heightened energy): Cuba

Crystal: Amethyst

Key words: Joy, freedom, refinement, forgiveness

Associated with Saturday, and the colour of VIOLET, the name 'Zadkiel' means ‘Righteousness of God’. One of the seven angels in the presence of God, Zadkiel rules the planet Jupiter and in the Jewish writings of the Zohar is said to be the angel of benevolence, mercy and memory.

Zadkiel is also represented in the Zohar (Jewish texts) as one of the two chieftains who assisted Michael, bearing his standard, in battle. He is the angel of mercy who stopped Abraham sacrificing his son with the sacrificial knife (and is often portrayed in art holding the dagger)

The feminine aspect of archangel Zadkiel is a presence known as Holy Amethyst. He is said to overlight the Island of Cuba and this is the area where his ashram – the centre of heightened Zadkiel energy may be felt.

If you wish to work closely with this angelic presence you can ask to be taken there as you sleep to work with aspects of this particular ray. Working with Zadkiel will mean you have interest practically for issues of freedom, culture, refinement, tolerance, ordered service, dissolving of painful memories and transmutation (the change from negativity to positivity) forgiveness, and diplomacy.

Zadkiel’s violet flame energy helps to overcome: servitude/bondage, intolerance, dogmatism, hardness of heart. Zadkiel works on the vibration of the seventh ray with the Ascended Master (the Chohan) Saint Germaine and brings knowledge and power of the ‘violet flame’ to the world order. This transmutes negativity into positivity and can assist in the alleviation of karma by helping us to let go of harmful personality traits such as jealousy, greed, revengefulness, spite and judgmentalism so that we no longer experience these acts against ourselves. (What goes around comes around!)

Call on Archangel Zadkiel if deep in your heart you are ready to raise your vibration and become the true spiritual being that you were born to be. He will enfold you in the transformational energy of the violet flame and transmute all your negativity into joy if you ask .

What is the Power of the Violet Flame? It is believed that all light is divided into seven major spheres, each of which carries its own vibrational resonance, colour, flame and quality. (Hence the seven colours of the rainbow). Theosophists and New Agers have related these light vibrations into Seven Rays or Flames. Each of the 7 Archangels is a bearer of one of the flames and permeates the energy of its qualities throughout humanity wherever there are those with an open heart and the desire to serve at a high spiritual level.

The Violet Flame purifies at many deep levels helping to dissolve painful memories and liberating you from limiting behaviour. With regular practice it can also help you to purify your physical body, getting rid of the residue of drugs and other harmful chemicals in our atmosphere.  

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