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Spiritual Workshops


Spiritual Workshops can be used as credit towards the Spiritual Companions Programme

1 Day Workshop - 7 hours
Weekend Retreat - 20 hours
Angels Abroad - 30 hours

Chrissie attends shows around the UK each month, giving talks and mini-workshops on angels and spiritual development. Chrissie also runs several workshop programmes throughout the year. Each programme consists of teaching, exercises, unique meditations and opportunities to share your understanding with others. A complete list of current upcoming is listed on the right.

Come along and nurture your soul by connecting with the loving energy of the angels for healing yourself and others. Learn the powerful meditations for cleansing and purifying the heart and mind. Connect with your angels for discernment. Practice tried and tested techniques for cutting old ties that prevent you from 'moving on'. Receive and share individual and group healing.

"I think I can speak for the others when I say what a pleasure it was to meet you and listen to you. Thank you so much for taking us on such a lovely meditation, for the angels, handouts, cards and for helping to educate and enlighten us. It was really a fascinating afternoon." - Josh

"Thank-you so much for organising the Essene Retreat at Glastonbury so well.  I really enjoyed all its aspects, starting with the invitation from Robin and Pru to their Castle Carey home for our meditation at 11 am on 11.11.11 before we took residence at the Abbey Guesthouse in Glastonbury. It was a beautiful place.  The energy that was generated throughout the retreat was fantastic.  Lots of laughter, kind  companionship and exchanged knowledge.  High powered love for the planet." - Elizabeth

Angel Insights Workshop

Angel Insights
A two hour webinar or full day workshop that teaches you how to use angel cards to give and receive readings.

The Angel Insight Workshop has been developed to help people who want to find ways of connecting with angels, especially using angel cards or oracle cards (not to be confused with Tarot, which is a completely different medium and has a specific meaning which can be learned with or without personal or spiritual development). Chrissie published her own set of cards, The Angel Insight Pack (shown left), in 2008 and these have been very popular - leading to many requests for her to explain further ways in which they can be used. The cards have recently been republished as The Angel Oracle.

The workshop provides the following:

1. Background to Angel Cards.
Angel cards are tools for encouraging personal and spiritual development. They can be and are mostly used as oracles, but are wonderful tools for meditation, or for guidance and direction along your life path. Chrissie's personal favourite use for angel cards is to tune in and interpret the pictures on the cards to access the angelic qualities we are all capable of and to send messages to the Universe of your willingness to move forward along your spiritual journey with Divine guidance. Almost like a working prayer. As you start using cards you may be amazed at the 'energy' and intuitive inspiration that begins to flow through you.

During the making of Chrissie's Angel Insight Pack, she meditated on each of the 52 themes, allowing images to 'channel' through her, which she then described in sketches and words. It took two and a half years from original inspiration to final product in the making of Angel Insights as each card had to be carefully drawn by an artist to depict the vision Chrissie had 'seen' in her meditations.

2. Preparing to use the cards
Working with spiritual energies can be powerful, emotional and cathartic, as well as awe-inspiring and joyful. Chrissie shows how to prepare by connecting with the energies of the archangels first through guided meditation. She then helps you to ground and protect yourself afterwards.

3. Reading Techniques
There are many ways to use Angel Cards. Chrissie demonstrates and encourages participants to try several different techniques including:

Using the cards for daily meditation and relaxation

Receiving guidance about your Past, Present and Future

Using cards for healing and protection

Balancing the physical/emotional/spiritual energies

Confirming guidance towards reaching your true soul potential

Giving card readings for others


These techniques are included in an accompanying workbook that you will receive on the day.

4. Interpreting Cards
Throughout the workshop Chrissie shows how the cards can be intuitively interpreted and with warmth and encouragement helps you to gain the confidence to interpret card readings for yourself and others ~ with or without the accompanying book for guidance.

This workshop is ideal if:


You wish to find out more about angels and how to connect with them

You have bought or revieved angel cards but need help in learning how to use them

You regularly use angel cards but are seeking guidance and inspiration or new techniques

You give angel readings for others and wish to explore new ideas for helping them


The workshop does not require any previous training. We will only be using the The Angel Oracle at this workshop even though the tools you will receive are easily transferable to other angel oracle cards (if you have a set of your own please have them with you, or you can order a pack when you enrol on the webinar).

It is a lovely, gentle way to begin working with angels.

Stepping Into The Light

Stepping Into The Light Workshop
A workshop for those who are new to angels or wish to explore their spiritual 'impulse'.

Stepping Into The Light is a full day experiential workshop full of exploration and inspiring exercises, through guided meditations, pair work and laughter.

Together we will look at ways of connecting more deeply for those who feel the call to serve with the angels, at whatever level. Looking at how we can each develop practical tools and spiritual practices that will ground us, connect with angelic energies, enable us to self-reflect with truth and transparency, attuning with the angels to receive the spiritual impulse that accelerates us forward on our personal journey.

Are you ready to work as an ambassador for the Light? Let's step up to the mark and raise our personal vibration for healing ourselves and others. With new or refined resources we can enable and empower those around us, we can all be a step closer to bringing Heaven on Earth!

The workshop includes so many aspects that it is challenging to list them all. Through guided visualisation, pair work, sharing and spiritual exercises which are enjoyable and inspiring, participants experience a strong empathic sense of their own angels, and those working with them. Many people gain a knowledge of their true soul purpose at the same time, opening to healing energy which unblocks or illuminates emotional issues that may be holding them back on their spiritual path.

By atuning to the energy of the Archangels and opening to their presence and guidance participants very often experience a renewed desire, or impulse, to change direction in life, and not surprisingly find their life opening to new friends and opportunities.

During the day tools will be given to help in dealing with personal issues and challenges such as relationship, family, work, emotional pain and so on, and these may be in the form of visualisation or written exercise. Always presented with a mix of humour and depth, enhancing the exercise and it’s outcome. For example the exercise may include cutting away old unwanted ties, with Archangel Michael, or healing the body with Archangel Raphael. We may also include a meditation to cleanse and purify the chakras, or healing the beautiful planet.

The day also includes quotations, stories, poems and prayers which you can take away in a bound workbook and many of the meditations are available on CD for you to listen to again.

This workshop is ideal if:

You wish to find out more about angels and how to connect with them,
Discover which angels / angel energies you are working with,
You wish to experience guided meditation with Chrissie in a safe, small group environment,
You seek to learn more about your own spirituality and how it relates to the world around you,
You are seeking guidance and inspiration.

The workshop does not require any previous training. It is a lovely, gentle way to begin working with angels. If you would like to book a place you can call Chrissie direct and pay by credit card or you can book online.

Angels Abroad - Holiday Retreat

Workshop Masterclass

Details of the next retreat will appear here.

Join Chrissie for a unique healing programme in a beautiful, relaxing holiday setting. Following this year's workshop theme - Stepping Into the Light - it will be a week of inspired workshops, meditation and Essene communions with angelic gifts of guidance, peace, healing & joy.

Would you like to combine an inspiring learning spiritual programme with breathtaking views, a relaxed and healing atmosphere, and glorious sunshine? Why not join me in a secluded and sunny resort to meditate each morning using the beautiful Essene communions with the angel of the day.

This year I am preparing to offer a slightly different spiritual holiday retreat. Mornings will begin with meditation in the garden, followed by workshops, a light lunch and then free afternoons, as always.

For full details click here:

Spiritual Workshop Masterclass

Workshop Masterclass

Spiritual Workshop Masterclass
A two day workshop that teaches you how to organise, manage and facilitate spiritual workshops, seminars and study groups.

Do you want to run your own workshop programme, perhaps in the healing arts, or as a spiritual teacher? Perhaps you already run a study group or workshop programme but struggle to generate interest, or find it difficult to manage people in this intense setting? If so, this Masterclass is for you.

Chrissie has been running successful spiritual development and angel workshops for more than 12 years and is a gifted facilitator, with post-graduate qualifications in teaching and facilitation. The Holistic Workshop Masterclass is designed to help you learn and practice the key skills you need to be a successful workshop facilitator.

Co-presenter Richard Haywood, is an experienced marketing consultant who has been working with small businesses and sole traders for more than 11 years. He will offer advice, guidance and step-by-step plans to teach you how to promote and advertise your workshops effectively.

The Masterclass, conducted over two and half days, will give you the knowledge and practical skills to create a workshop programme of your own, build lasting relationships with your students, and create a lucrative second income.

Who is it for?
Holistic practitioners, therapists, spiritual teachers, and those who want to develop their own teaching programmes, workshops, seminars or study groups. Also ideal for those who already run workshops or retreats but want to enhance their facilitation skills and learn new techniques for promotion and marketing.

For full details of the Masterclass and Diploma Programme click here.

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    Diploma in Spiritual Workshop Facilitation
    Chrissie offers a unique diploma qualification for those who have completed her spiritual development course and workshop masterclass .

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    Personal Spiritual Guidance and Support
    If you are seeking personal guidance, Chrissie offers one-to-one consultations and card readings by telephone and in person.

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    Educating Heart and Soul
    A 7-month programme that helps you develop your knowledge and spiritual understanding, and includes all of the Archangel CDs.

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