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Gifts From Angels

Gifts From Angels by Chrissie Astell

Gifts From Angels
by Chrissie Astell. Published by Watkins.


Angels show themselves to us in countless different ways and we may not always be aware of the help they can give. What better way to discover and celebrate the transforming powers of angels than to read a brilliant collection of real-life encounters … dip in now and be moved and inspired.

The real-life angel encounters in this book have changed lives – bringing reassurance, guidance, healing and hope. Now these touching first-hand accounts of the angels and their gifts can change your life too. Leading angel expert Chrissie Astell shares her own wonderful experiences, and those of many correspondents, colleagues, friends, students and readers, to show how angels are working tirelessly to protect you from harm – and to help you to find love, well-being, success and happiness.

Stories include:

Kay, who was helped by the Archangel Michael to find her soul mate at the age of 58

Chris, the non-swimmer, whose guardian angel helped her to breathe under water for 10 minutes until rescue came

A little lost boy safely brought back home to his family

Comments recived from readers:

"I have a kindle and last night I bought your book I am  half way through already and it is so lovely, I am enjoying it so much I cant put it down!!!" -Jane

"Absolutely loved it, I stayed up all night reading it through, couldn't stop reading it. Thank you!" - Amanda

"I have just finished reading your book which I bought after seeing you at the Mind, Body, Soul exhibition in London recently.  I was very moved and interested throughout so thank you especially for the clear writing and presentation." - Judy

Price £6.99 direct from Chrissie. A dedication will be included if requested when you order.

Discovering Angels

Discovering Angels by Chrissie Astell

Discovering Angels
by Chrissie Astell. Published by Duncan Baird Publishing.

Discovering Angels - Wisdom, Healing, Destiny

'Discovering Angels' is a beautifully illustrated celebration of angels and the assistance they can give to anyone prepared to open themselves up to forgotten inner truths. The book works in two ways: first, as a fascinating introduction to angels, looking in detail at their scriptural origins, their symbolism, and their guiding energies; and second, as a source of practical guidance in the form of self-help exercises, such as visualizations and meditations that tap into the divine loving energy embodies by angels. By tuning into their timeless symbolism, this book will help you to discover how angels can touch your life.

"I have recently read your book 'Discovering Angels' which I thought was beautiful. I have been doing some of the mediation excercises. I have had a strong sense of peace and of someone behind me protecting me." - Sandy


Gifts From Your Angels - book and CD set

Gifts From Your Angels
by Chrissie Astell.

Over the years that I have been facilitating workshops I have found that many people are shown symbols or given gifts from the angels in their guided visualisations. It would seem that the recipient is often awakening to a spiritual call, and about to embark on the next stage of a spiritual awareness. There are so many moments of recognition on the faces of the participants, once an explanation is given. I believe these 'gifts' are meant to be a clue for spiritual destination, or of a symbolic initiation into the next stage of development.

'Gifts From The Angels' provides an A-Z interpretation for many of these common gifts and symbols. It should be kept to hand when meditating or communing directly with angels. Although there are many ways in which angels communicate with us, meditation often provides the most spiritual form of contact. I have included an example of one particularly powerful visualisation, 'The Seven Doors', in the book and on an accompanying CD. Use this or any suitable guided meditation as a starting point, or simply relax and allow yourself to drift in quiet reflection.

Book & CD price £14.99 direct from Chrissie. Chrissie will include a dedication if requested at the PayPal checkout.

Advice From Angels

Advice From Angels
by Chrissie Astell.
Published by Godsfield.

When someone does a kind deed unexpectedly or turns up when most needed, we often say, "Oh, you are an angel!"

Imagine what a wonderful place this world would be if we automatically treated one another as the angels would, with unconditional kindness and love. Everyday disagreements would be dealt with gently and with care for one another's feelings. There would be no need for wars, as no one would feel the need to control another. Hearts would be filled with joy and happiness, harmony and peace.

This inspiring little book includes angelic insight and wisdom such as this that will help readers connect with the angelic energies that are always around us. Each page features an angel story, poem, prayer, visualization, or meditation. Readers can dip into these snippets of angelic inspiration to guide and motivate their personal journey. Advice from Angels includes wise angel blessings that will provide comfort and bring a smile to everyone who believes that angels are always nearby.


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Also available from Chrissie:


The Angel Insight Pack
This pack includes a set of 52 oracle cards, beautifully illustrated by Rene Milot, along with an accompanying book giving interpretations for each card and ideas for ways you can use the cards for meditation, communion and readings for yourself and others.

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Guided Meditations and Music
Chrissie publishes a range of CDs featuring guided visualisations and music by Llewellyn, Mark Hughes and others.

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Educating Heart and Soul
A 7-month programme that helps you develop your knowledge and spiritual understanding, and includes all of the Archangel CDs.

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