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The Guardian Angel Oracle Pack

The Guardian Angel Oracle Pack
This pack includes a set of 52 oracle cards, beautifully illustrated by Rene Milot, along with an accompanying book giving interpretations for each card and ideas for ways you can use the cards for meditation, communion and readings for yourself and others.

Perfect for anyone seeking comfort, guidance or inspiration from angelic wisdom – a heavenly source of encouragement available to us all.

Be guided, comforted and inspired by the radiant angels in this sumptuous silver-foiled deck of cards and beautiful accompanying book. This kit contains 52 angel cards and a fascinating book that introduces you to the world of angels, offers guidance on how to connect with them and explores how to benefit fully from their heavenly assistance.

Comments from customers:

"Hi Chrissie! I live in Buffalo, New York and just purchased your set of 52 angel cards. I just love them! They are beautiful, and I love the messages in the book. Thank you for providing such a beautiful product. Best to you:) Blessings~Amy"

"I absolutley love your Angel Insight pack. The cards are so alive they just want to jump right out of my hands. Love and light, Lyn Watson, New Zealand"

"Your cards are exceptionally special; the energy coming from them is incredible.  And your cards are so far beyond the ‘others’ its heart stopping.  They are so much more than a gimmick and you showed us if we really connect with them, they are the most uplifting and inspirational tool." - Alison

"Lately I bought your angelcards. They are beautiful! But since I started to use them some good, special things happened to me. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not. I don't know. But I find them useful anyhow, they make me look in an other way to things. So thank you very much for your work. You have helped me with it and I think you are an angel yourself! Kind regards from The Netherlands, R"

Price £19.99 direct from Chrissie. A dedication will be included if requested when you order.


The Angel Deck Card Set

The Angel Deck Cards

Based on her book of the same name, this enchanting deck contains 50 angel messages, each featuring a story, poem, prayer, visualization or meditation, which will guide and motivate your personal journey. These wise angel blessings will provide comfort and bring a smile to everyone who understands that angels are everywhere.

Price £14.99 direct from Chrissie. A dedication will be included if requested when you order.

PLEASE NOTE: there may be additional charges to cover postage OUTSIDE the European Union. Please contact us for a quotation or place your order and we will contact you with the postage value.

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