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Chrissie welcomes correspondence by post or email and would love to hear of your experiences of contact with angels, spiritual enlightenment or miracles in your life. If you have enjoyed one of her books, CDs or workshops, please let us know. Chrissie tries to respond to all communications but please be patient.

Dear Chrissie,
My name is Melissa and I saw a message on your website asking for help with angel experiences for a book you are writing. I’m sure this isn’t something that will be worthy of mention in your book, but it did get me thinking that you might like to hear about it anyway…

Following an enlightening trip to the recent York Health and Healing festival, I have been exploring the world of crystals and angels in depth. Partly thanks to your talk, and receiving a card with Archangel Michael; and also thanks to a conversation and subsequent guidance from a crystal expert. Both yourself and the lovely crystal lady advised me on protection, as I’m very sensitive and empathic. Further to a back injury that recently (quite literally) brought me to a standstill, I’ve been focussing intently on healing and meditation.

When ‘asking’ during a meditation what I needed to heal fully from my back pain, the clear intuition I received was ‘red jasper and Archangel Michael’ – also that I needed to work on cutting cords. The cutting of cords with Archangel Michael was something that resonated strongly with me during your talk, so since then I’ve found a meditation and have been working on it. The experiences I have are too varied and long for this particular email, but they are incredibly powerful and lovely. This particular experience isn’t directly connected to the cutting of cords but it does involve Michael.

Firstly I’d like to say that I’ve been asking for help from angels for a good number of years now, it’s a daily part of my life that I ask for help and support – and they always answer. However, just recently I’ve been paying a lot more attention, and the messages are getting even clearer. I also haven’t specifically worked with Archangels before now, I’ve just always made the general request to ‘angels’. However, due to my recent exploration of cord cutting, and focussing on your card, I’ve been becoming quite familiar with the image and support of Archangel Michael. I resonate very strongly with crystals, so I find them a perfect complement to working with angels. Last night I ‘asked’ as to what crystal I needed to be working with at this particular time. In my mind I received the answer ‘jasper’ – As I already mentioned I’d received red jasper during meditation already, but this time it was just ‘jasper’ and then ‘yellow jasper’ too.

Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m deciding things myself, or if I’m receiving a message – and because of the two colours I was a little unsure. I needed some clarification… So today, when on Amazon planning to order the crystals I decided to ask ‘Angels please send me a clear sign that I will understand – as to whether the jasper I need to work with is red, yellow or both?’ I closed my eyes and then opened them, and paid attention for the next few moments. Almost instantly my eye was drawn to a number of images of books on the screen that contained both red and yellow.

Confident having worked with angels before I said ‘thank you’ and laughed and was quite content to go off and order both red and yellow Jasper, problem solved! However, the angels clearly wished to give me an even better signal just to make sure, as when I went back into my email I happened to notice that the folder I’ve created in my inbox for your newsletter was open. I smiled to myself and thought, hey why not, I’ll just follow my intuition for a bit longer and go to Chrissie’s website. All the while I was thinking to myself ‘this is just me being daft though, it’s not like I need to, I’m taking this intuition thing a step too far….’ After all, I’ve recently read your blog, and received your newsletter, what could there possibly be for me to see? Still I typed your URL into the browser and up popped your home page, where my eye was instantly drawn to the image of Archangel Michael, clearly standing on background of red and yellow…. I think my request for assistance was received loud and clear! It really made me laugh out loud.

Needless to say I placed the order and my red AND yellow crystals are on their way. I look forward to working with them, and the angels further.

Kind Regards, ML

PS. The whole time I was typing this message I kept feeling little light brushes of something against my back and my hair, very like the brush of feathers – I’ve got used to the fact that this means my angels think something’s a good idea!

Dear Chrissie

I really look forward to your regular newsletters and angel affirmations. I have always form a young age believed in the power of goodness.

At primary school a fellow pupil once asked, "Are you an angel?". Around 1989 I was going through a difficult time wrestling with a crossroads period in my mind and couldn't sleep. The small hospital I had worked in since 1981 was to move to the big new general hospital in 1990, and I couldn't see myself there. I had worked as an auxilliary nurse, and was unsocial and shy, so couldn't see much in life for me. It felt like now or never to try and leave and do my training so at least I would have a well paying job.

I was tossing and turning in my cold untidy bedroom. I became aware of a whorl of extremely bright light and wind circling in the corner of the ceiling above my bed. It seemed to fill the room as I lay with my eyes shut, I was scared to open my eyes. Someone then held my head, as though they were behind the top of my head, then speaking in a woman's voice in a familiar, Scottish tongue, told me "Linda, lie still, close your eyes.That's it." Then I felt a rush of warmth as they appeared to pull out all of the pain and rubbish from my thoughts and being, as though sucking it up from the top of my head. Then she said "Now go to sleep", which I must have done.

On wakening, I looked in the mirror, wondering if it had really happened. My "proof" was that the "worry" indent mark was gone from between by eyes, it was now smooth.

I did leave and do some nurse training which was probably a good move, although I don't really enjoy it all the time and am still lacking in confidence and in any real connections in my life. Would love to do something meant for me, but at least I know wonders exist. At the time I most needed it, help came from somewhere.

Regards, Linda  

Dear Chrissie

I have been meaning to write to you for some time now mainly to thank you for your weekly and regularly email correspondence.  

I always find the timing of the subject you hit upon each week resonates with me  - I always take great pleasure in sharing it with others whom it may also resonate with too!

Infact, I have shared your details with friends and family recently as I think you are a wonderful writer and the linkage with my journey and your choice of topics really does synchronise with where I am, and I believe anyone would be inspired and enjoy reading your messages.

I have been in and out of hospital (5 times this year since July) with injections, strong pain relief managent and a couple of operations, all of this in relation to a back problem and had other very close family members in hospital and seriously ill around me at the same time.

I am currently in hospital and wanted to share with you the fact that I believe an angel was with me last nite. Just for a moment I glanced towards what is actually a picture of two swans on the wall, however in the darkness of the room only saw the head of one had changed into a glowing orb held between a pair of hands extending out towards me.  The remainder of the night, I did then go on to believe the nurse was putting drugs in my drink and arm to try and kill me off but then that was probably down to the operation/anaesthetic/drugs I was on ha ha!!

Anyway, after reading your lovely story about ann and the feather left on the bench, I looked back at the picture this evening and it occurred to me that what do white swans have....white feathers!

Thank you for your time, energy and care in all that you do.  It means a great deal to me (and my mum whom you know from your very early days at Wanstead, Carole Smith).

Warm regards


Hello Chrissie

Earlier this month a very strange single rash appeared on my skin.  It bothered me but it didn't seem important enough to justify contacting my GP.  A couple of days later there was still something niggling away about it, when I heard the words Lyme Disease on the radio and instantly there was a 'ting' in my head and I knew that was what the rash was even before I got to google it.  I had been walking in the Yorkshire Dales the previous weekend.  The advice on the NHS and Lyme Disease Association websites is that if you have a rash you are already infected and to get treatment immediately. I phoned the GP surgery and a phone call back was arranged and by mid-afternoon I had picked up the prescription for antibiotics.  I hadn't linked the constant dull headache and flu like symptoms with the rash - I really wasn't listening to what my body was trying to tell me.  Prompt treatment is vital to stop it developing into a seriously debilitating condition, so I was given a direct message for which I am immensely grateful.  I have come to learn that the bell like 'ting' is signalling me to pay great attention to what I have just heard because I need to take action.  It is the words themselves that form the sound of the bell so that I am left in no doubt as to what the key words are.

Bright Blessings


Chrissie's reply:

Hi Rosslynne, Thanks so much for this. I also ‘hear’ sounds as warnings. Super to think that we co-create some form of sign with the Universe, and that our angels are permanently looking out for us. Super that you recognise it ~ many don’t!

Hi Chrissie

On your website it mentions you're looking for angel stories for your book, and I'd like to share my experience with you.
Kind regards

Do I believe in angels? Well, that's a very good question! I lived in Norfolk for a number of years and suffered with very severe depression, as a result of being in an abusive relationship. I felt so desperately lonely, and every day for three years I contemplated taking my own life. Yes, it really was that bad. To sum up those years, and without going into too many personal details, I would describe that time as being in ‘total hell’.

I remember one special event that occurred back in 2001. I was at my lowest ebb possible and seriously considering ending my life. I managed (goodness knows how!) to drive to Bury St. Edmunds and went to sit inside the abbey. The weather was horrendous that day- dark grey clouds, pouring rain, thunder and lightening. I felt it would be the only place that I would feel safe and where I could maybe find some refuge from the way I was feeling.

I sat there in silence for about 30 minutes and asked God to give me a sign that everything was going to be ok, because I was absolutely terrified. As I sat on the pew with began tears streaming down my face, and I was seriously doubting that I'd get any kind of sign. However, after about 5 minutes, I noticed that the sun was streaming through one of the stain-glass windows (very unusual for such a dark miserable day). When I turned around, it was shining through one of the angel figures depicted in the artwork! WOW! Was this my sign!?

Being the sceptic, I thought it was merely a coincidence and too good to be true, so I 'tested' God to give me another sign.... After 10 minutes nothing had happened so I decided to take a look in the gift shop. I opened the door, and the first thing I clapped my eyes on was a book about angels. There was my second sign- and a serious wake-up call that I wasn't alone and never had been! I've felt an affinity to them ever since....

I looked out of the window and asked the shop assistant if she'd noticed when the sun had come out- she looked slightly perplexed, and replied that she had no idea what I was talking about!! A very profound, yet odd experience. So, I guess I could say I do believe in angels....

I am grateful to say that I finally found the strength to leave my abusive past behind me, and I'd like to think that the angelic realms played their part.

Chrissie's reply:

Hello Louise,
Thank you for sharing that with me. Very inspiring.
I hope you have enjoyed your journey with the angels and that they will bless you with loving friends, health and happiness.


We are so blessed!

I have been meaning to write to you about my experience after my mother died 11 months before Shanti's birth. I was packing my mother's bedroom cupboard and noticed 2 creamy, flowery cotton peasant dresses on its floor. I wondered what they were doing there as they were not my mum's style.

A big flash of white light went trough the room as well as a booming voice,saying they were for me as I was going to have a child. I was stunned by this experience and did not share this with my brother who was in the flat. Sure enough I was pregnant soon after and my gorgeous girl was born a week before my mother's birthday.She has the best of my mum, myself and her dad in her. She has a old passport photo of her grandma at her desk and we both feel and trust that she watches over us.

I never realised that this may have been an angel message but I have a lot of Angel pictures, cherub sculptures and Angel cards. I brought Shanti up with Angels and Fairies as I find religions too scary and judgemental. It was only when I recounted this story to Chrissie 
that she told me about Angel Gabriel being the messenger. I teach yoga and do massage. I have always called on Gabriel to inspire my classes and Raphael for bringing healing in my massage.

Since the Angel week abroad with Chrissie my life is constantly evolving and enriching. I enjoy sharing this energy with all.

Smile! Life is good:-}}}}
Kahti xx

"I had to write to you to say thank you for your November 1st Affirmation. I always read them but this one arrived just at the right time to help me through a difficult situation. I had to put my business into liquidation because of a partner who has caused me great difficulty. He has made my life intolerable over the last few years, and as I knew he would be there on the day of the meeting he would make this unbearable. I wrote down your affirmation " I confidently shine my Divine light, knowing that I am strong, honest and just" and went off to the meeting. About half an hour before I sat very quietly and repeated the affirmation, firstly surrounding my self with Archangel Michael's strong blue light and asking Him to protect me. Normally I would have folded mentally and physically doing what I had to do, but this day I felt strength and love within me and was able to get through the trauma. I am a great believer in fate and you sent this to me when I was in need, thank you.

Please keep sending the affirmations and continue to help people like myself." - Lyn Holding

Chrissie's reply:
I just read your email and it gave me a tingle as I could really empathize with your experience...
What amazing and empowering confirmation that our faith in the angelic realms is rewarded when we believe and put it into practice!

Hi Chrissie, Something happened on Saturday which I am dying to tell you about as it's so lovely and has put a smile on my face ever since!

I have had many encounters with Angels over the last 16 years and I always find that when I am really low that's when they make their biggest impact!!

I was travelling up to London on the train to see some friends who had come over from Australia and we were all going to have lunch and spend the day together. Anyway as I always do I find the half an hour on the train a perfect time to meditate and say my thank you's (as one does!) So I shut my eyes, tried to still my mind etc but also asked that the day bring wonderful conversations, happy smiling faces and generally for us all to have a wonderful group meeting. Then suddenly my thoughts came back to my situation and I decided that I wasn't going to cry on the train or actually mention to my friends what was happening in my life as I didn't want to spoil the occasion... when suddenly I opened my eyes to see 2 white feathers slowly drift down from the ceiling which had come out of the ventilation opening on the ceiling of the train!! Well the lady opposite me and I just smiled and smiled as we both didn't need to say a word!

There was nothing in the carriage that could have produced feathers and they fell under the lady opposites seat. When she got up to leave the train I tried to find them to save & keep but they had completely disappeared!! No where to be seen!! They appeared from no-where and disappeared to no-where but trust me they were certainly real! I keep thinking about the beauty of this as in many ways it was so simple.

Having guides and Angels around in my life and things like this really confirm that we are not alone which is a real comfort sometimes as 'they' know what's going on and I have always kept my faith but sometimes its hard...until something like this happens again and everything flows as its meant to be. Well enough waffle but had to share this with you as some of my friends would think I have lost the plot!!!

I didn't tell my friends on the day as 2 of them certainly wouldn't have understood at all as they are both very cynical about all things spiritual and would have just mocked etc and I didn't want to spoil my fun! I have since told others and it's certainly put a smile on their faces too.

I'm sure lots of love and Angel blessings to you

Sheila xxx
Sheila Steptoe
Self-Discovery Consultant & Published Author
email me:
my websites:

Hello Chrissie, I have hesitated to write to you, feeling that my “experiences” could be seen as non-angelic, but here goes anyway.

I used to drive a lot in the course of my work. Coming home one day along an A road at about 60mph I had the what could be described as the automatic function to slow down. I didn’t hear a voice, and I can’t say it actually came into my head to slow down, either, I just did; don’t know why exactly. Well, just as I slowed, there was a car pulling out from a turning. Didn’t hit it! I dismissed this as anything other than co-incidence, I might have noticed the car out of the corner of my eye/unconsciously noticed a reflection or shadow. Quite possibly the explanation of course. But after this time (and that was about 14 years ago) similar experiences occurred. I would “know” if it was safe/unsafe to overtake, though I would never take an idiotic risk, but upon looking I recall my “intuition” was always right.

About a year ago my wife and I were driving nearby on a mountain road (meet a vehicle every ten minutes or so!) and I did one of my automatic slowings. My wife asked me why I was slowing down, I was just about to say I didn’t really know, when as we turned round the curve in the road there was white van man in the middle of the fairly narrow road. At least I now have a witness to my “intuition”! Now I appreciate that this is fairly nebulous info, thus my reticence to write to you. What I had noticed before these incidents was that on arriving at an appointment, I would, on walking from my car to reception, “know” if the person with whom I had the appointment was there or not – mostly the “message” was when the person was not there. Would have been more helpful to have had the message before the journey started, but there you go. Now I guess these could be my sixth sense, but what is that definition anyway.

Anyway, this started me on my spiritual journey. Am just having great difficulty on finding the path though. And at my age time is running out! We will be back in UK soon, as I return (at the age of 67) to work. As part of the work is on Counter-IED (roadside bombs) robots, it’s a life saver; that’s the plan. Maybe we will meet sometime for my spiritual path direction.

Best regards, Bjørn Christiansen

I was having some fever type symptoms where everytime I ate I had a hot flush through my body and was very concerned as my father had diabetes, so I booked an appointment to see the doctor and have my blood sugar tested, on the drive in a message kept coming into my head, test for cholesterol, test for cholesterol, test for cholesterol, as soon as I sat down for the blood test I said, can you test my cholesterol, the doctor asked why and I mentioned it kept coming into my head so she did. I had never had any trouble with cholesterol nor had my immediate family, so was not too concerned, I was more concerned about diabetes, during the appointment the Dr asked what I was drinking and eating and I mentioned Diet Coke, she asked me to come off it for 48 hours and all of the symptoms started to subside which was great so I didnt worry much about anything else, when the results came back everything was perfect, except the cholesterol it was at a dangerous level of 7.9, I and the Dr were both astonished at the level of the reading, I altered my diet and the cholesterol went down, as cholesterol symptoms are mostly hidden there was no way I would have checked if the message didnt come into my head, my angel as always were protecting me that day.

Norah Coyne, Ireland

You asked to share real life experiences with Arch Angels, so here goes, My brother remarried in his late fifties to a lady that was welcomed with open arms into our family. After the wedding the games began on her part, I was so distressed by the antics that I wrote her a letter. The letter was sent to my brother so he could veto it if he felt I was out of line. My nature is not to confront, so this was very hard on me,did I do the right thing.

For weeks I stressed over what was happening, during my nights sleep Arch Angel Michael came to me in my sleep, I could see him tho not his facial features. He introduced himself and said," he was taking me on a journey." What he showed me were three pods of souls working on , what they needed to do! no details! Arch Angel Michael said,"We have all the time in the world" I took this to mean that we are not all on the same level and that is OK. I realized that sometime people shake you to your core when all of the folks I' m associated with at this time of my life are on a very connected soul path," I still continue to call on Arch Angel Michael when I need help. After reading your book Gifts from Angels I plan on calling in the other Arch Angels.

I have been working with my Angel for years as I connected with her when Reiki came into my life.

Thank you for sharing your written words!

A huge Universal hug to you!



Chrissie's reply:
Hello Joan, Thank you for your email. I'm delighted that you have enjoyed /and are working with/ my little book Gifts from Angels. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me. It's a beautiful example of the angelic guidance we receive when we are troubled - if we ask! I will put it onto my website for others to read, and be inspired by.... Blessings to you
with love

As I lay in my bed on the 11/11/11 I felt my third eye being worked on. I was informed that I was going to be giving something special that day. I woke at 6am, and I was sooo excited about my day ahead. Later that day my friend called me and asked if I would visit her mum who was in a hospice dying. She wanted us to pray to the angels for her mum's soul. We met that evening and stood by her mums bed praying. When I looked up, there at the bottom of the bed was an angel. I was informed that it was AA Azriel. I noticed that his wings were huge, and I mean really huge, and I commented to my friend. He then told me that his wings were this size because he put them around our loved ones to comfort them as they ascended to the other side. He then informed me that he would stay with my friend's mum until it was her time. This brought great comfort to my friend. I also saw lot and lots of angels with golden wings standing around the bed. I was touched beyond words, this was the most glorious thing I had ever seen. On the journey home I realised that this was what I was told about in the early hours that morning. The angels were working on my third eye to open me up for this wonderful experience. I feel so honoured to have experienced such a magical moment.



kay Baxter

Hi Chrissie
Angels can’t help you with everything can they? I asked to have a safe trip that our camper would be safe. When we went up this hill it ripped our jack off and bent the steps. So this tells me Angels can’t help you on everything right?
Hugs, Deborah

----- Chrissie's reply-----

Hi Deborah.... Ho! Sounds like the path up the hill wasn't too smooth to create such damage... angels can only help to protect you from yourself and the risks you choose to take ... however, who knows what might have happened had you not had to stop to sort out the broken steps!!

Hi Chrissie - thank you so much for the weekly affirmations they make me think how I can add value to those around me and my own souls journey. Just thought I would share my angel experience with you... hope it makes sense as I type lol!

About two years ago I was to all intents an purposes trapped in an extreemley abusive marriage, during this time I needed to travel to Glasgow to receive training for a yet another new job.My husband made keeping any job difficult, as he would make sure things would go wrong for me, and "confide in" people about my supposed mental problems. For my trip from the very top of Scotland to Glasgow, I decided to travel very early to avoid tourist traffic, however during the journey the car just felt "wrong," although there was nothing I could put my finger on as to why i felt this way. I stopped a couple of times and checked the car over but still nothing presented itself as the reason for my feelings of unease, so on I went.

Eventually I reached the M74 just outside of Glasgow at around 7.30 on a Sunday morning, and joy there was no other traffic on the road, not a vehilcel in sight. #Suddleny the car lurched all over the road and onto its side slid up the road around two hundred yards and came to a stop halfway up the embankment, it all happened so fast, I was unhurt but badly shaken.

I clambered out of the car to find one of the wheels had dissapeared, and the car in no position to retrieve and fit the spare, I just crumbled into a heap and gave in to dispair, I had no money, the new company were paying all my travel and accomodation bills, no breakdown and no way of helping myself. I looked up to fish a tissue out of my pocket, and right in behind my car was a white luton van stopped wirth the driver stood looking at me smiling. He found my wheel within minutes, that had come of and ended up in a ditch, helped me get the car upright and took a wheel nut of each wheel to attatch the errant wheel. He then shadowed me to the next village, knocked up the local mechnic, who put an extra nut on each wheel, at checked the car over and sent me on my way free of charge.

The driver of the van said his name was Steve, there was no signage on then van and he refused any form of promised payment, but he did tell me thta my husband had loosened all the wheel nuts on purpose, but not to worry as things would change for me, he smilled and went on his way. I wrote his number plate details down with the intention of finding him and sending a gift of thanks, but they misteriously dissapeared, nor could I remember them.

Two years later I have left my husband, retrained as a Holistic Therapist and just started my own business, I truly belive I received Angelic help that day, and guidance every day since. Even more so when I recently visited a local meduim who mentioned the event to me and confirmed the intervention of an ascended being had saved my life. This is my thank you to the angel that helped me on that day and restored my faith, and a message to others in dark places,and I know it sounds cliche, but, look up and see the light it shines by day and by night.

Kind regards - Louise

Hi Chrissie,
My spiritual search began after I was knocked over by a drunk driver on 13 March 1970. I was crossing the road with my then fiancée, and we were standing on the white line in the centre of the road waiting for an oncoming van to pass so we could cross over completely. Suddenly a speeding Jaguar came from behind the van to overtake it. He didn’t see us standing on the white line waiting, and he hit me with such force. He couldn’t stop, so I flew up onto his bonnet and then he pushed me ahead of his car for quite a way down the road before he could come to a halt. Both of my legs were badly broken and my pelvis was also broken. I have no recollection of anything to do with the accident, but apparently I was taken to hospital and operated on. I nearly lost my life that night, not through my injuries, but through the huge shock to my system. I was in the Intensive Care Unit, unconscious for over a week before I “woke up.” My doctor told me that the reason I couldn’t remember anything was nature’s way of coping with trauma. I was only in hospital for 3 weeks because every day I begged to be allowed to go home. Eventually my doctor told me that if my parents could organise a cage to lift the blankets off my legs, and a bar with a handle for me to hang on to when I wanted to change position, then I could go home. My stepfather did the honours and supplied these things for me. I was in plaster from my toes to my bottom, both legs for 6 months. A lot of time to think......

Going back to when I was first taken into hospital just after the accident, and although I was unconscious, I remember floating up near the roof of the room and looking down on myself lying like a broken doll on the bed below, with doctors and nurses all around me. I could see what they were doing and hear them. I can’t say that I saw a white light or anything like that – but I could see everything that was going on below me, and I could also see my mother and my stepfather sitting outside in the passage and my stepfather was sitting on the floor. After I was home again and talking to my mother one day, I asked her why he was sitting on the floor that night. She looked at me strangely and wanted to know how I knew this when I was lying unconscious in the theatre?? Looking back on this time I can only think it wasn’t my time to go and the events of that evening and the coming months started me on a spiritual journey which is ongoing.

There have been many unexplained things that have happened since then. I have started to write them down in a little journal. I have always read and known about Angels but only began to be seriously interested about 12 years ago when I read Messages from the Angels by Doreen Virtue. Since then I have been in constant “dialogue” with them ;-)

The little story I mentioned in my last email was during the last week of my care contract in March this year. I woke early one morning and was feeling really “down” and in desperation I spoke out loud to my Angels and said: “I know you are with me always, but please will you send me a sign so I know for sure”. About 4 or 5 minutes later I happened to look out of the window and saw the most beautiful cloud formation. Perhaps it was just my imagination, but I have never seen a cloud like it before and to me it looked like a large Angel standing sideways to me, with wings spread out and looking up into the sky, and behind him were 2 smaller beings that were looking up at him. I immediately thought that this was the sign I had asked for. I quickly took a few photos and I’m attaching these for you to see. Perhaps you won’t see what I saw – I don’t know. But Chrissie this was just what I needed and in my heart I believe it was the sign I asked for. It had the desired effect and for the rest of my day I felt “lifted.”

On another occasion – last year, I was also doing my usual care contract, but feeling so alone. I should explain that client cannot be left and therefore I am with her from between 7 and 8am up until 10.30pm 7 days a week and for anything from 3 to 5 weeks at a time. It gets really lonely as she doesn’t talk to me. I try to have a conversation but all I get is yes or no reply. I have a 2 hour break 2 to 4pm daily which must be spent in my room and I get desperate to just have a conversation with someone. Here again, I called upon my Angels and asked them to help me to meet some like-minded people. Four days later, I was taking my old lady to buy wild bird food from our usual supplier. I mentioned to him that I wished I could do healing work instead of care and told him that I was a Reiki Master and that this was my passion. He told me that I should speak to one of his former colleagues who works at the garden centre where I take my old lady for lunch weekly. He said that he was also a Reiki Master. Well this was a revelation to me as I have been taking her there for more than 5 years and I have always greeted this person but never got into conversation with him. And now I find out that he is also a Reiki person!! So the next time we went to the garden centre, I went over to him and said that a little bird had told me he was a Reiki Master and so was I. He straight away said that he would like to introduce me to his friend Jackie – another Reiki Master and could we get together for coffee when I next managed to get a break away from my client. As luck would have it, the following Saturday, my client’s daughter asked me to bring her mother to her house for the afternoon and I could have a break until 5pm. I made arrangements to meet them for coffee. As soon as I met Jackie, we “clicked.” And since then we have become great friends – I feel as if I have known her in another life, and in fact I have – but that’s another story ;-)

I had asked my Angels to let me meet like minded people and within one week – I met two. My Angels never let me down.

I hope you find this interesting - and I would love to know what you think of the photo ;-)

Love & Peace always
Tricia x

Hello Chrissie.
I hope you don't mind me mailing you, ...we met in Birmingham, I did your course.
... I have started bereavement counselling and am seeing some real troubled souls. 
Am I allowed to ask angels to help them or do I have to have their consent to do that ?
Hope you're well. X 

----- Chrissie's reply-----

Hi X,

If you can call in the angels to protect you and work through you before you see each client, spiritual Light will shine through you and you will be inspired to say and do whatever is 'the right thing'.. If you feel you would like to ask the angels to help these souls individually then you are perfectly ok to ask their 'higher' self to accept the healing you are offering. 

You know that each of us must work out our own distress and pain and grief... that is one of the hardest lessons ... to see with a new vision and change the illusion of pain... and you also understand that many of us are in service to help others.... so yes it is a dilemma.

I have had a guru / teacher in past years whose advice was always that everyone must deal with their own karma.... or come back and do it be very careful when trying to absorb someone elses pain for them... that you are not adding to your own karma.

On the other hand in Buddhism it is the enlightened who can swallow the 'hungry ghosts' and take away the pain and suffering of others.....

It's a hard call. Ask your own higher self and sit in meditation with just how much you can do for these clients.

This form of work is one I also wish to follow in later years when all the travelling gets to me! So I do hope I'll be able to follow my own advice then!

Much love and many blessings
Dear Chrissie, Thanks I really appreciate it, it is tough because you can't help feeling for them.
God bless - X

A story that lightened my heart. I was made redundant a couple of months ago, but was fortunate enough to get two interviews on the same day. Because of my situation I had no money for the bus fare, therefore had decided to walk, 8 miles to one interview and 4 to the other. On my way there I spoke to the Angels, just wishing to find a £5 note on the ground. As I was walking my brooch fell off my lapel, not wishing to loose it I decided to put it in my purse, as I opened my purse, a £10 note blew past me, exclaiming surprise I turned round to see a man pick it up, and seeing me with my purse open, he said, "there you are love!" I was so shocked, I looked around but could see nobody else searching.

So, "thank you Angels!" you truly did look after me that day.

Best wishes Margaret.

Dear Chrissie,

I am fascinated by the idea of Angels but I do not belong to, or believe in, any religion. I have had some strange experiences that are outside the day to day, and, I have a sneaking suspicion that other universes are very close to ours. I think these universes mingle with ours and we witness truly strange and wonderful things. It would, in my opinion, be marvellous if a dialogue with these 'other' areas could be set up. What amazing things we could offer each other; surely humanity should benefit....I certainly hope so. Humans need something to get them away from all the negative nonsense that they seem to thrive off. Your website is beautiful.

Thank you
Best wishes

Dear Chrissie,

I have just been on the Angel Light website and read some lovely messages. I actually met you a few months ago now, and i have to say it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and listen to you. I felt very impowered and inspired after our meeting. I read my Advice from Angels book you gave me frequently and find it really helpful.

I wanted to share my Angel story with you. It's a story i regularly share with people, when im explaining how i came to believe in Angels.

Im going back a few years now, but my elderly Grandma was unfortunately admitted to hospital, her health wasnt great and she deteriorated quite rapidly after admission. She kept having these "turns" were the family was regularly contacted to go to hospital as my Grandma was about to die.

On one of these occasions, the family were gathering in the hospital's family room, and the doctor's and nurses were with my Grandma, and we were told she wouldn't make it. As you can imagine we were all quite upset, but then the nurse entered the room and said she had pulled through and was comfortable. We all gathered around my Grandma's bedside, and she was quite alert and smiling and talking to us all. The nurse then came to us, and explained that whilst my Grandma was 'out of it' a single white feather floated down and landed on my Grandma, she then went on to explain how they don't use feathers in any of their bedding and dont have them anywhere in the hospital because its a sterile environment and they're an irritant to patients who have allergies.

The nurse had kept the feather, which my Aunty still has. My Grandma died about a week later, but i believe it was her Angel giving her a little bit more time with her family to say goodbye.

I miss my Grandma terribly, but when she left this world, she actually left me with a special, beautiful gift.......believing in Angels!! I have been reading and learning about Angels ever since, and i know the Angels are with me all the time, guiding me.

Many thanks again!!

Tracey Davies.x

Hi Chrissie,

I spoke to you at All Angels Day in Bury St Edmunds and promised I would relay my story.

I’ll start at the beginning.  I went through a rather messy divorce in 1995 and my 2 small boys and I were presented with a wonderful present from my sister, a male golden Labrador retriever puppy whom we named Beano.  Beano became my shoulder to cry on, my silent counsellor and gave love to all 3 of us unconditionally.  By 1998 I had met and married a wonderful man who adored Beanie as much as the 3 of us did, and in September 2003 Beanie became our bestman at our wedding along with the duties of my husband’s assistant chef and chief security officer! In the autumn of that same year, we decided to get a companion for him a male Rhodesian ridgeback puppy whom we called Reggie.  Beanie was gentle and protective, loving and became Reggie’s hero.

By 2006 Beanie was showing signs of arthritis and we put him on medication to ease his discomfort, but by the autumn of 2007 he was deteriorating at an alarming rate and despite several visits to our marvellous vet it just wasn’t going to get any better.  One very frosty, cold autumn evening when my husband was away on business, I let Beanie and Reggie out for their nightly patrol and after calling and calling found Beanie collapsed – his legs just wouldn’t hold him any more.  We spent the next week dragging his bed in the mornings to the back door and then holding his body up for him to pee, it was heartbreaking, we decided after long consultations with our vet and much soul searching, that the kindest thing we could do for him was to have him put to sleep.

I spent the next few days praying as I have never prayed before that the angels would take him in his sleep so that he would not have to face the trauma of a lethal injection.   About 3 days before the arranged date, a couple of strange things happened, one afternoon Reggie layer down with his head against Beanie’s head and rubbed up and down so gently which he had never done before, he then got up, walked away and layer down on his own.  That same night I woke up with a jolt, swung round in bed and saw what I can only describe as the outline of an angel with wings outstretched, similar to a negative photoprint it was floating about a foot off the ground and was about 5 ft tall. Now I am the biggest scaredy cat when it comes to anything at night and I hate the dark, but I just sat up in bed with the biggest grin on my face and I remember saying out loud ‘it’s an angel’, It stayed for about 10 seconds then faded.

We all decided that Beanie should have the dignity and comfort of dying in his own bed, in his own home and this is what we did. The night before he was put to sleep I could not sleep at all and was still begging the angels to take him in the night, as I lay in bed I saw in the corner of the room a ball of sparkling light it was just hovering at ceiling level and didn’t move, and as I lay there, in my head I was asking it ‘please don’t go’, although I didn’t know what it was I wasn’t afraid.  It stayed there for well over an hour and then gradually faded, then something else happened, at the top of my head just where the duvet was covering myself and my husband, a vivid jade green light appeared like a solid wave on the sea moving really slowly, and I can remember whispering to myself ‘what the hell is that?’ and I am ashamed to say that at the time I was really frightened, because It was just too much - although now I wish I had had the courage to look over the top of the duvet and see what was in the bedroom – I am now convinced that it was Archangel Raphael, bringing healing and comfort for the day ahead.

On the 28th November 2007 Beanie was put to sleep.  He knew it was his time to go and his tail kept wagging to the end as we cradled him in our arms and said ‘goodnight, sweet dreams’.   After our vet had left and Beanie had gone I felt a cold, soft brush against my hand, he said goodbye and then the angels carried him home.

The strange thing was Reggie completely ignored everything although he was in the same room, it was as if he had already said his goodbyes that afternoon when he laid with Beanie, and I , who didn’t know how I was going to hold it together for Beanie and the rest of the family amazingly was emotionally in control until the end, and I thank the angels for giving me strength. Although they didn’t take Beanie in his sleep, they did answer my prayers, for I think he needed us to be with him as he left this world to return home.

Although we will never forget Beanie we now have a wonderful new addition to our family, her name is Bunty named in honour of Beano, she is a goldendoodle and a joy, she has brought new life to Reggie and to our home.

I have found great comfort in knowing that when we need them the most the angels let us know that they are always here for us with their never ending love, peace, protection and healing.

Julie Small

A huge 'thank you' for the consultation and healing you gave me. It was very affirming and I am 'trying' now to relax and just be.  I returned to work this morning and walked up the stairs as we discussed raising my
spiritual vibration.

Chrissie, I have to tell you something and I don't know why I didn't say it at the time, perhaps it was not completely clear at the moment you asked  - but when you asked me, after I had  left the house with my gift, if I had opened the box I answered 'no'  but I didn't need to because the box was partially opened and I could see a gold velvet lining. When I opened the box fully there was a silver key lying there, an old fashioned fairly big key. I have the box with the key but don't know where it fits.

How does this change things or does it change anything you said to me?

Many thanks again. Love and Blessings. Madelon


Keys are very often experienced in meditations and they are said to be given as you complete one phase and move into the next. A form of 'initiation' if you like into the next stage of development. They can also be seen to be an invitation to move along your path. Now that you have been given the key you will see that your willingness and intention to be of service will literally 'open the door' to new opportunities.
The gold velvet lining is a beautiful gift. Gold always signifies the strong masculine elements of the sun, of God, and can never fade or tarnish. The velvet would, I feel, represent the nurturing and gentleness that also comes with God's love. The gentle yet strong support of Divine Love is holding the key!!!
How lovely!

Hope that helps.............(all the clues to spiritual symbolism are in the little 'Gifts from the Angels' book which comes as part of the course, I think it was integrated into part two, if not sent separately.)

Love and warm wishes

Always, when I get into my car, I ask the angels to protect me while driving. I visualise angels all around my car taking me safely to my destination. Several years ago, I was driving on the Dublin/Galway road. Suddenly, just as I was accelerating in order to pass out a car drawing a caravan, a very loud voice commanded me to stop. It was a voice not to be ignored so I jammed on the brakes. At that moment, a wheel came off the caravan and both car and caravan slewed across the road right onto my path. Had I not braked when the angels warned me to stop, there would have been a collision and I dread to think what would have happened. I don't think I'd be sitting here now emailing you!!!

Best wishes,

Patricia Mahon

Hi Chrissie,

Earlier this evening I did the crystal light meditation.The images i seen i am still thinking about them now and it 1.16 monday morning.They did not bother me at all and i have tried looking them up to explain them to me. I wonder if you could help me and explain them to me. i seen Jesus on the cross, and hands reaching up at the bottom of the cross. then in the clouds a oldish face appered not scarey but lots of white hair and a long white beard it was quiet a large face. i think i got a good idea what it might mean, but i wonder if you would explain to me , to see if i am opening up like i think i am . I hope you can understand this, i am not very good at putting things into words Love Vanda


Hello Vanda,
This is interesting isn't it? Very deep stuff!!
Especially when it follows all the work you are thinking about with relation to the other world religions.
I think it may be related to your own beliefs in the Christian images of God the Father and the message of Christ that we have been fed over the centuries. Perhaps it is a vision asking you to look deeper at your reasons for believing whatever you do believe and perhaps stretching and opening these ideas a little. The whole idea of God as an 'old man in the clouds' has been fed to us through generations and it's interesting that this is the image you saw.... perhaps you were subconsciously taking a closer look at the idea of 'God the Father and God the Son?...this would also be raising the issue of " hang on a minute - where does the mother come in here?" I wonder if it relates to what you have been reading about the Essenes ?  In their ideas the Earthly Mother makes up the third aspect of the triangle and there can be no 'Father' without the 'Mother' in creation too.

What really interests me - from a mystical perspective - is how these images are shown to us when we have been practicing a meditation, as though they are answers to questions we don't even know we have asked!
Wonderful stuff Vanda.

Lots of love, and thank you for the gorgeous Christmas card with the little diamond heart, lovely!

After reading Harry Mulisch's The Procedure and quite a few short stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer that partly dealt with the Kabbalah, I took an interest in these teachings. An internet search led to a web site that probably was part of the New Age movement; it contained teachings from a vast variety of spiritual teachings, and there were also near future predictions to the found. I was told that I would encounter a blue light that very evening. Later on, that very evening, the prediction came true. I was in the living room, when a blue, intense but at the same time subtle light appeared and filled my world. Was it a seizure, a dream, a self fulfilling “prophecy” -- or an angel? No matter what it was, the encounter led to three texts, one screenplay, and two novels (one published) that were filled with angels; that is, angels in the Swedenborgian sense -- which is a bit strange, as I was unaware of Swedenborg's teachings on angels until I read Christine Astell's Discovering Angels (this, despite the fact that I have spent most of my life in Sweden).

- Emil, Stockholm , Sweden

I just woke up to another beautiful day in Sydney Australia.

I had an overwhelming urge to find your email address and to send you this mail.

Thank you sooo much for your "Advice from Angels" book. I read a passage or two .... or three... from it every morning before I get out of bed.... this is just after I have used the Essene communion to thank my angel for the day. I have always been surrounded by love and light in my life and your little book has guided me towards more...... feeling.... pleasure and happiness than i already had.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kate Warren

Now I am off to have a swim in the ocean that is 10 minutes walk down the road from my apartment.


One Sunday I decided to go walking in the French Alps with a local club. Claire (light) was driving and Luz (light) was one of the passengers. On the scale of difficulty, the walk was rated as medium and although I hadn’t done much mountain walking recently, that didn’t appear too challenging.

However, we started straight away on a path covered in shale and loose stones that seemed to be almost vertical. Going up isn’t usually too bad, but coming down terrifies me so I asked the angels for help. Within ten minutes, the leader (who had never met me before) arrived beside me and offered me the use of his walking sticks to see if I could get on better with them. He then went back to the front of the group. I used those sticks all day and was able to come down without a single qualm.

I was explaining this to Luz when we all arrived at a café for a final drink before leaving, telling her how I always asked the angels for help and then left it to them knowing that help would come. I also told her that they had a sense of humour so our requests should be as clear as possible and it was always right to thank them afterwards.

As we clambered into Claire's car for the return journey, she announced that she didn’t think we could get back to Geneva without buying petrol and on a Sunday evening it might not be easy. We asked a passer-by in a small town and he pointed us to the local supermarket where all the pumps were shut except one. However, this only took credit cards and we didn’t have one between us. ‘You’d better pray’ said Claire. ‘Oh no,’ I replied, ‘I’ve asked the angels to get us back home with no problems.’

In the next town we saw a garage ahead. As we drew in (it was open) and stopped, Luz, sitting behind me, said: ‘Ooh, look at that’. On every petrol pump there was a card with a piece of advice: ‘Be your car’s guardian angel and check your oil.’ I turned to her, laughing, and said: ‘I told you they had a sense of humour.’

The sequel happened two years later when I met Luz on another walk. That day we were doing a historical tour and as we stopped at a local landmark in the centre of a suburb of Geneva I was able to point out to her that we were standing in front of a restaurant called 'An Angel Passes'.

Very best wishes,Jili


Hello Jili,
Thanks so much for taking the time to send that. Made me smile inside because these things are so obvious to us once we understand how it works (well think we understand!) aren't they.

Hi Chrissie,

I have just read the extracts of letters on the AngelLight site and would like to add my experience and also would ask if you could clarify one or two points for me after.

I have not really had dealings that I know of with angels but I just get the feeling recently that something is beginning to happen to me in this respect. I am currently studying Holistic Therapies and am getting very interested in Buddhism and things spiritual.

About 2 years ago I went to a medium who told me that I was going to have a change in the area of my career and that it would be to do with healing but that it was not a conscious decision of mine but that I was being guided into this area of work. At the time I had just started studying holistic therapies and was taken aback slightly.

Then a few months later I had an experience that just blew my away. I was in the process of buying a property abroad and had experienced a major problem with the title deeds but the problem had been resolved and the purchase was going through and I was talking to my daughter-in-law about it. I had just put the phone down when I got a very strong smell of my dad, or rather the smell of him when he had come in from work in his overalls when I was a little girl. He always used to go to kiss me and then rub his stubbly face against mine, it used to make him laugh.

Anyway, the scent started on the right side of my face and moved to the left side, the side he always used to rub. When my head had turned to the left to follow the smell I got a strong prickling feeling on my left cheek and then an overwhelming feeling came over me that took my breath away, this was followed by tears streaming down my face, but not with any sadness.

A few months later the same thing happened when I was in the car driving to work and at one point I looked into the rear mirror and for a split second saw my mother who had died not long before. Again the same overwhelming feeling accompanied by tears happened.

Ever since these two experiences I have started to find white feathers in places where you would not expect to find them but more recently when I find them I get a tingling sensation.

Now after all that, can you answer a couple of things?I have been told by a very good medium that the overwhelming sensation of having my breath taken away and the tears could be an angel or spirit trying to connect with me and secondly can angels that help me also help someone that I ask them to help, e.g. other family members that may be having problems?

I'm sorry this has been so long, I could have gone on further explaining things that I have experience but these are the two main things that I would like to know.Thanks very much for your time,

Regards Christine


Hello Christine,

Thank you for your email. I'll try and be as helpful as I can!
(You'll appreciate that there is a lot going on for you and that it is quite difficult to answer in email)

What a lovely connection you describe. There are several things going on simultaneously here, on many levels.

Firstly, once you start to wake up to your conscious purpose for living ( in other words you begin to realise that your potential spiritually) and begin to change direction in either your career or your private life (often these go hand in hand) - your personal vibration changes. ( Are you familiar with our vibrational frequency?) This then sets off a chain reaction in your spiritual and physical forms that reflect the changes in your emotional and mental states at the same time, so we experience an energetic change and also a new enhanced psychic awareness........... are you with me so far?
Sometimes, this is where the ego comes bouncing in and tells you that you have new powers! Beware........ yes you have....... but your specialness is that you have woken up to the love around you and to the fact that you are becoming closer in vibrational frequency to the other levels......... not that you are suddenly becoming a 'psychic'.

I would say straight away that yes your father and mother have certainly come to you, a) to bless you, b) to remind you that only the human physical body dies and our spirit remains, and c) perhaps they have been waiting for this new awareness of yours so that they can choose to move forward on their own journey, knowing that you are in a new and lighter place.

At the same time, there is a strong belief that when one finds feathers it is a sign that your angels are with you.Particularly when they are in strange places. The feather is a reminder of the divine connection. Sometimes appears as an affirmative to something you were asking. It also reminds us to stay 'light'.... this can be light as opposed to the darkness, but also means 'lightening up'........ remember the adage that ;angels can fly 'cos they take themselves lightly;. It also reminds us that once we are in contact with the angelic realms our souls too can fly....... that there is no limit to our achievements when done with love and the desire to serve God.

Angels can help someone to find their way, can send healing, can gently push people into situations where they can see the solution to something ( that is if they are willing to heal, to see or to change their situation), but can not interfere with Karma. However, your own prayers are more powerful than you could ever imagine. Bearing in mind that we must always ask for 'whatever is for the highest good and the best outcome', also remembering to be careful what we ask for ourselves. You can indeed ask your angels to help others..... if it is Divine will, not your will. Sometimes we ask for things thinking that it is for the best, but forgetting that we have no idea of the greater picture, but the angels do see the big picture..... and so often what we ask does not seem to have been heard..... its just that it may not have been what was right for the person we were asking it for.... if you see my meaning?

Lastly, yes I am doing some work all over the place. Mostly small workshops here and there. If you let me know where you live I'll tell you if there is anything in the area planned.

In the meantime, if I can be of any further help, please don't be afraid to write to me again.

Love and Blessings


I have recently read your book 'Discovering Angels' which I thought was beautiful. I have been doing some of the mediation excercises. I have had a strong sense of peace and of someone behind me protecting me.

I am a practicising Christian and wondered if you received any correspondence from Christians who have experienced the angelic realm.



Hello Sandy

Thank you for your email.

Yes I have lots of Christians who come along to my workshops. Angels certainly play an important role in the Christian way of life. In fact in Celtic Christianity Angels are an integral part of the worship.
In Dublin last weekend many of the participants were 'seeing' white doves in their meditation, which as you know represents the presence of the Holy Spirit.
It's very inspiring and exciting work!

Many blessings to you


I have been doing angel meditations for the last couple of months and have started to get a lot of tingling on my head when I meditate and also during the day.  Someone I spoke to said it was the lifeforce energy.  Do you have any theories about this. I use the meditations that you have written about in your book Discovering Angels.



This 'tingling' phenomenon is interesting isn't it? I have often puzzled myself, as sometimes it is incredibly strong.

There are a number of theories regarding the tingling sensations you describe. For quite a few years now I have experienced the same thing and for a while was convinced it was 'someone' trying to draw my attention to something or someone.

I also thought it was when someone near to me ( i.e. my partner / son / daughter ) was thinking of me and wanting me to call them. In other words I felt that it was my own psychic awareness becoming heightened.

Then I wondered if it was my guardian angel. Many 'angel' authors I spoke to and people who work with the angel energies believe that these tingling sensations are signs that the angels are close to you, in fact that their energy is within your own auric field, and that it is this we can feel.

You could try to make a mental note of your exact thoughts just before the tingling. I find that it is often when I am writing, not always on my own, or when I am 'asking for guidance' that the tingling seems to be confirming a truth. As if in some way one is connecting at a soul level with the pure Universal truth of God.

I have also been told by someone I deeply trust for spiritual guidance that it is the Holy Spirit drawing close to you because your own spiritual awareness is becoming focussed on the Divine connection during these sessions of meditation and prayerful connection. When we are offering ourselves in service to God we become more ardent in our connection and our light shines so clearly that the connection becomes stronger. This too could be the tingling we experience.

Or that our 'spiritual' batteries are being recharged by the Divine energy around us that we become tuned in to, and are able to draw from. Yogi or eastern philosophy would confirm this but use different terminology such as prana, or chi energy..... as you say the life force. In fact the tingling in the head has been suggested that the 'third eye' or the sixth chakra is opening thus increasing your spiritual intensity, and your intuitive ability. ( Caroline Myss writes a great book called the Anatomy of Spirit which explains this in western and Christian terms.)

I have been studying all these wonderful things for several years now and have come to the conclusion that in truth........ we don't really know! That these phenomenon are part of the 'unknowing' that the mystics have written of for thousands of years. Just part of the great wonder of God, and creation. In fact I am becoming more and more comfortable with this state of 'unknowing' and beginning to trust that faith.

I'm not sure how much this helps, but hope it has in some way. You might find a workshop useful?
Lots of people tell you lots of things, and if you are not careful you end up with Spiritual indigestion!!!
Don't hesitate in getting back to me if you would like to.


Just wanted to drop you a short mail to say how beautiful I think the Angel Garden CD is! I have recently become interested in Angels and find them wonderful beings and the way they work with us a wonderful thing. As I progress further along this path, I hope to join you on one or more of your workshops and develop my knowledge even further. Love and Light and I hope to meet you at some point in the future. Mr A.D. London"

"I started talking to my angels about a year ago after reading Doreen Virtues "Healing with the Angels". Of course, I needed a lot of proof that all their assistance was not actually my own doing whith me attributing it to an outside source, but now I finally accept that it is my angels helping me.

On a trip from Victoria to Queensland (I live in Australia) I managed to get very lost in the middle of Sydney. I had no map with me, as I wasn't planning on going anywhere near Sydney and map reading isn't a strong point with me anyway. I was desperate, as I know how huge Sydney is, it was the end of a long days drive and I was at the end of my teather. Admittedly, it took me a while, but I finally asked my angels to get me out of Sydney and to help find me a nice place to stay for the night. Off I drove, taking whichever turn came into my head, and lo and behold, I drove out of Sydney and right to a great place to stay for the night.

On another occasion, I was about to board a plane in Melbourne for London via the USA (my first overseas trip) when my mother asked my angels to take care of me. I got on the plane and made it to London with no problems at all. A plane that took off from Melbourne twenty minutes later, also headed for London via the USA, experienced mechanical malfunctions, poor weather and took three days to get to the USA after two forced landings and lengthy delays.

These days I ask my angels to help me find parking spaces, grocery items on the shelves in supermarkets and when I move, I ask them to find me the right place to live. I hope these experiences help with your PhD. I'm sure you'll hear from many more people.If you have any questions, you can contact me at Good luck.

Chris Kay

Many years ago I was at my lowest ebb, I was going through a divorce and very unhappy. One night I had a dream, I was sitting on a bench with a person on each side of me, I was on the beach with a hugh rock in front of me. A man with a rifle came from behind the rock and shot the people on either side of me, he then walked away. I got up and walked along the sand, the sea was very rough, but the more I walked the calmer it became. Then ahead of me there was a man in a long white cloak walking towards me, when he got nearer he opened his arms and held me and said 'Don't worry, everything will be ok, I am here to look after you' When I woke up I felt a hot needle pass through my crown chakra down through my feet... I awoke and felt very happy, I know that was my guardian angel sent to help me.;

;I was reading in bed one night, and became aware of a hugh shadow beside me in the corner of my room, I looked up and there was a man in a long white cloak, he looked like Jesus, (or how he is depicted) I closed my eyes, as I though I was seeing things, when I opened them again he was still there, this went on for a while, as I could not believe it was Christ there beside me. He was telling me something, but I could not understand what he was saying. After a while he was gone, I was not afraid in fact I felt very peaceful. I fell asleep and when I woke up I felt very happy and at peace with myself. I know we have angels around us every day, they are there to help us all, if we ask for their help.

Regards Jacqueline.

Dear Chrissie,

From aged 3-4 and attending sunday school, i always loved angels and the idea of them being around us... This week, (and 35 years later) i have visited a neighbour who had twisted her ankle. another lady in our village is very much into angels, and as an accredited angel teacher, indeed runs angel workshops. she had visited my neighbour and applied some angelic healing to her twisted ankle and encouraged my neighbour to ask for raphael's assistance and so on.

She left a pamphlet with listing information on her forthcoming workshop. I quite liked the idea, and always being a "swot", I got onto the 'net and looked up some well known angel workers such as Diana Cooper and Doreen Virtue etc. on one of these sites, was a meditation to enable one to make contact with ones guardian angel.

It listed the steps and stated that signs etc that one had done so, may include being physically touched , smelling a scent or even finding a white feather etc. "gosh, that would be fab, I thought, but I probably wont get the feather!" funnily enough, just as I thought that, I suddenly thought, " actually, now that I have thought that, I might just get one !" I did the meditation lying in bed. I had an amazing sense of palpable calm come over me. I opened my eyes and guess what was on my right shoulder - yes, a tiny white feather !! Being in healthcare and having several science degrees and taking the scientific approach, I was trying to work out how this could have happened, but I dont have feather filled pillows or duvet. I would have seen the feather when I got into bed as I have eyes like a hawk - photographs with the "spot the 20 differences" are no challenge to me !

Again, the diagnostic mindset seeking a rational explanation goes into action - the only "medication" I take, are occasional vitamin supplements, I rarely drink and i havent had a glass of alcohol for a week, i have never taken recreational drugs, and i i dont have any psychiatric history. So, i shall just have to accept it as token from an angel, and i am very happy to do so. I cannot describe the feeling of calm and re-energisation that i felt. i slept so well last night - usually i am up at 7am - i slept until nearly 10am this morning ! Interestingly, i had read that angels sometimes leave a white feather as a calling card. people often mention ask you angel for a car park space etc and thank the angel for working it out for you. about three years ago, this happened to me and i had a single white feather about 2.5 inches long in the footwell of my car. where i had parked was a very clean paved car park. i am not near any poultry and i have never ever have the incoming fresh air vents open in my car . who knows, i did think it was quite remarkable at the time, although, i did try to work out the"how of the magic trick" , if you like. On occasion, i have wondered about that, the hows, whys and wherefores since then. maybe last nights feather was a confirmation token , who knows, but quite wonderful all the same ! Thank you and good luck with your PhD. (name and address withheld)


Thank you so much for your email. Yes, it is remarkable isn't it? Where do these feathers appear from? I think it is a wonderful reminder of God's promise, and the ever present support and guardianship of the angelic realms.

I wonder, would you mind very much if it went on the website? I am just about to send one or two letters off for adding? Of course, your name will be withheld.

If you tell me where you are situated I am happy to let you know when I will be doing an angel workshop in your area.
Warmest wishes

"Dear Chrissie,

For Christmas I was given Angel Messages a book and Pack of 52 uniquely inspirational cards. After reading the book I decided to use the cards. After meditating, I shuffled the cards, split them into 3 sets and picked up the first card which said: At last you can communicate with your Guardian Angel Treasure the knowledge and open to Joy.

The second card said - listen and learn to tune in your soul is the most important part of your being.

The third card said - we all have spiritual energy. It is up to you to light the flame within you After reading these I felt really positive about things and I'm looking forward to using the cards on a regular basis.

I then retired to the lounge for a read of the newspaper and picked up 'The Journal' publication Dec 03/Jan 04 issue and couldn't believe my eyes when I turned the page and saw your article 'Do you believe in Angels?' Well yes, I definitely do! I thoroughly enjoyed your article and exploring your website. Happy New Year!

"Hello Chrissie,

I would love to read about other peoples angel stories. The one I would like to tell you is one I had in August 2002 - I hope it is not too boring I had finished some work on my house making a new back yard (patio) and as I was sitting on my new patio I wondered if I was doing the right thing - by taking a risk and doing and teacher training course to start in September 2002 I am middle aged so it was quite a challenge - I prayed to whoever it is to give me a sign that I was in the right place for me I looked up into the night sky and there in the cloud formation was a huge cloud in the shape of an angel - yes I know it may seem odd and it does not bother me if people do not believe me, but it made me feel I was in the right direction I have now completed the course and it was a challenge but I am so pleased with myself that I have risen to the challange Now I am sitting here hoping for some more angelic help to get a job in teaching!!!! As I don't seem to be getting any joy - but maybe I will be able to email you another story
Love and light"


"Dear Chrissie,

Thank you so much for such a lovely Angels Workshop at Caroline's house in Cambridge this afternoon. I think I can speak for the others when I say what a pleasure it was to meet you and listen to you. Thank you so much for taking us on such a lovely meditation, for the angels, handouts,
cards and for helping to educate and enlighten us. It was really a fascinating afternoon. Among the very interesting items I found were the quick comments you made to one or two of the others in an aside (Pat mainly). We were all most interested. Take good care of yourself.

Kind regards - Josh"

Hello Christine, I thought I would drop you a quick line just to say how much my sister and I enjoyed our time on the Angel workshop, it was all very enjoyable and so interesting. The day went by far too quickly.

Anne Marie Elliot

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