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Recommended Books, CDs and Other Products

Gifts From Angels by Chrissie Astell

Seeing Angels ~ True contemporary Accounts of hundreds of Angelic Experiences, Emma Heathcote-James, John Blake Publishing

Conversations with Angels ~ What Swedenborg Heard in Heaven, Edited by Leonard Fox and Donald.L Rose, Chrysalis Books

Anna Grandmother of Jesus ~ A message of Wisdom and Love, Claire Heartsong (with foreword by Virginia Essene) S.E.E. Publishing

The Gospel of the Essenes, Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, C.W.Daniel and Company

Decoding the Spiritual Message of the Aramaic Jesus, Neil Douglas-Klotz, Quest Books

Jesus, A.N.Wilson, Flamingo Press

The Alternative Gospel - The hidden teachings of Jesus, John Baldock, Gurteen Knowledge

Jesus untouched by the Church – His teachings in the Gospel of Thomas, Hugh McGregor Ross, William Sessions Ltd

I would also commend you to The Essene Network International:

Also available from Chrissie:


The Angel Insight Pack
This pack includes a set of 52 oracle cards, beautifully illustrated by Rene Milot, along with an accompanying book giving interpretations for each card and ideas for ways you can use the cards for meditation, communion and readings for yourself and others.

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Guided Meditations and Music
Chrissie publishes a range of CDs featuring guided visualisations and music by Llewellyn, Mark Hughes and others.

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Educating Heart and Soul
A 7-month programme that helps you develop your knowledge and spiritual understanding, and includes all of the Archangel CDs.

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